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Bwindi impenetrable National Park is open throughout the year including on public holidays. However, the best time to visit the gorillas in Bwindi is during the dry season months between June to August and December to February. These are the dry seasons in Uganda and the rains are not so intense in the rain forest. Gorilla trekking, nature walks and hiking tours are excellent during these periods because the forest trails are less slippery. During these seasons, there is a lot of activity in the park with more tourists. It is a chance to meet and mingle with people from all over the world. best time to trek Gorillas

The months between March to April and September to November are the rainy season in Uganda. Not the best time for hiking, forest walks or gorilla trekking but perfect for bird watching because it is the breeding season. Ensure that you travel with warm clothing and footwear to deal with the mud and drizzles. Unfortunately the forest gets wet and misty with prolonged drizzles that can cause discomfort while in the forest trekking the gorillas.

Note: In case of any visit plans to the park during the peak/dry season, we highly recommend our clients to book gorilla permits in advance just to be sure and have the best experience while in Uganda.

Is gorilla trekking safe?

One of the safest places to be in Uganda is Gorilla Trek in Bwindi Impenetrable Park or Mgahinga Gorilla Park. The Rangers in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest Park and Mgahinga Gorilla National Park in Uganda are highly motivated, adequately equipped, and trained to Keep Gorilla Trekking safe and secure.

What to wear for gorilla trekking?

Due to unpredictable weather changes in the gorilla trekking destinations, tourists/ visitors are advised to carry or pack gorilla trekking equipment such as long sleeved shirts and trousers, rain jackets, garden gloves, hiking boots, insect repellents, warm socks, warm sweater, energy snacks, cameras, extra batteries, back pack, walking sticks among others.

What are the dos and don’ts of gorilla trekking?

While in the jungle for gorilla trekking, don’t leave rubbish in the wild during trekking

Don’t draw very close to gorillas for they can be aggressive

Stay in tight close group during the trek to avoid getting lost

Visitors are allowed to spend one hour in the presence of gorillas in their natural habitats

Gorilla trekking allows a maximum of 8 people to trek a habituated gorilla family

Don’t use flash light cameras when taking photos

Don’t eat, smoke or drink in the presence of the gorillas

In case a gorilla charges, don’t look directly into its eyes for you increase the risk of attack

Gorilla trekking is only allowed person aged fifteen years and above

Always keep your voices down while in the forest and in the presence of the gorillas

Not forgetting to follow instructions from the park ranger guide while in the jungle.

Can a disabled person go gorilla trekking?

We as Mwanzo tours Uganda; we strongly recommend gorilla trekking for the disabled people mainly in the dry season. In conclusion, people with disabilities can trek to see mountain gorillas with no difficulty. Contact Mwanzo tours Uganda for advice and tips and be part of this memorable experience.

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