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Who is Mwanzo Tours Uganda

Mwanzo Tours Uganda Limited is registered in Uganda with the registrar of companies,   We plan safari holidays gorilla safaris, wildlife safaris, birding safaris, hiking, cultural & community tours and educational tours. We provide high quality destination management services in Uganda and Rwanda for travel companies from across the globe.

We are passionate about linking tourism to rural community development so the ‘tourism dollar’ can reach the communities. This ensures communities living adjacent to the park and those along the ‘tourism route’ to get actively engaged in conservation of wildlife because they benefit directly. We encourage our clients to visit communities and ‘home stays’ and or engage in a community activity that lasts from 1 hour to several hours or over nights. The community activities include village walks which often lead to local schools and health centers, cooking and gardening, traditional healers, offering you insight in everyday lives of the local people. safari holidays

Our tailor-made safari holidays consider the client’s needs, time, and budget offering them the opportunity to appreciate the beauty and diversity of East Africa in comfort and style. All our treks and safaris are Eco-friendly; we respect the environment and culture of the local communities. The itineraries offered on the website act as examples, you are encouraged to create the itinerary of your choice together

Mwanzo Tours Uganda in and out of Uganda offers safaris to Africa

Available tours and safari holidays range from single-person day excursions to extended trips for large groups. Special activities include Gorilla tracking/chimpanzee trekking, sport fishing, mountain climbing, bird watching, Cultural Tours, white water rafting, Safaris and Excursions. We also offer Car hire services, Airport meet and greet assistance, Hotel and lodge booking, Air ticketing both Domestic and international. Elevate your travel experience and benefit from the personalized service of specialists with in-depth destination or lifestyle expertise. Discover new places or returns to old favorites with itineraries that are tailor-made to your individual passions, and spend time focusing on the truly rewarding aspects of travel.


                                                                  the founders

Anthony Kiweewa

I love traveling and I enjoy the countryside which usually is less busy than most cities. From an early age I always looked forward to a time of visiting a relative living far from our home which meant traveling for hours – while others dreaded it. I love sharing knowledge of the destinations we work in with visitors who often experience something different from what they read or watched on TV (too bad sometimes media concentrates on the negative). It has been said that people come to Uganda/Rwanda (Africa) for the attractions but leave with fond memories of the people they get to interact with.

In 2012 I started Mwanzo Tours Uganda from a love of travel and nature and from a love for youth and community development. I are passionate about creating opportunities for others and my desire is to incorporate travel to national parks with visits to communities so that they benefit directly from tourism income.

I and the team have been to all the destinations we share here, several times. We offer a personal touch to every trip – individually tailored with detailed information and respond to your need and wishes as best as we can. We have been involved in putting together great experiences for people exploring Uganda, Rwanda and East Africa in general for over 8 years.

We look forward to creating a distinctive and memorable holiday vacation for you in Uganda, Rwanda or entire East Africa region.

                                                                                                            Hanna Lukács

Hanna Lukacs is a thinker who loves to act.

A young entrepreneur who is passionate about human rights, interpersonal relations, sustainable energy, nutrition, education and an all-inclusive society.

Hanna was born in the Netherlands but as soon as she turned 18 she swapped the ‘urban jungle’ for the African bush and wildlife. Her insatiable curiosity and her life full of unpredictability empower her to thrive in these natural and raw environments.

While on her journey she has always been particularly sensitive to injustice. She shares: “our sustainable travelling and volunteering programs of Mwanzo Tours Uganda allow us to give something back to the local communities, show travelers different aspects of Africa and align business with my personal morals and values. It’s a pleasure to work together with Anthony, who is an expert on his own country and very passionate about sharing his knowledge with you on your travels.”


Sulaiman Iga

Sula is from the south western part of the country in the region of Queen Elizabeth National Park and spent all of his childhood there. He grew up in the bush and developed a passion for all nature and wildlife from an early age.

Sula is just a kind of companion you need on your African safari ,he is experienced, professional, affective, knowledgeable and courteous, he will just light up your Safari straight away 

He completed his secondary schooling in Kampala, after which he successfully completed a diploma in Tourism, Wildlife and Hotel Management. Sula spent many years, both during his schooling and after, working with environmental and wildlife research teams in Uganda’s main national parks: Queen Elizabeth, Lake Mburo and Murchison Falls National Park. He also worked with community and heath focused NGOs as a driver in the field, helping to set up the stations and communicating with the locals. Sula is thoughtful, connected and respected amongst  the tourism community on the ground. An ex- history teacher and animal enthusiast .

Traveling with him is like having an cyclopedia traveling along with you which you can ask whenever you have a question 

Sula has an incredible amount of practical knowledge gained from a hands on experience in the field and the national parks. He began guiding in the early 2000s and his depth of knowledge and skill is apparent from the first point of meeting.


About Us

Mwanzo Tours Uganda is the Tours and Travel Company based in Uganda and Holland, we Organize Uganda safari holidays packages Packages, Tanzania Safari Holiday Packages, Kenya Safari Holiday Packages, Rwanda Safari Holiday Packages, Available tours range from budget, mid-range and Luxury.

Single-person day excursions to extended trips for large groups. Special activities include Gorilla tracking/chimpanzee trekking, sport fishing, mountain climbing, bird watching, Cultural Tours, white water rafting, Safaris and Excursions. We also offer Car hire services, Airport meet and greet assistance, Hotel and lodge booking, Air ticketing both Domestic and international.

Mwanzo Tours Uganda would love to show you our beautiful country. On your safari holidays with us you can see mountain gorillas, chimpanzees, lions, elephants, an abundance of birds and much more. Go trekking in the jungle, search for big game on the savanna, spot hippos by the shores, climb mountains, chimps and gorilla trekking and discover the culture or relax in breathtaking nature.

Mwanzo Tours Uganda our aim is to give you an unforgettable experience to look back at for the rest of your life. We plan a safari to your wishes and have knowledgeable guides who will do their very best to show you Uganda and East Africa.

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Our Responsibility

mwanzo Tours Uganda, a comprehensive and forward-thinking tour operator with a vision of Creative Destination Management and a focus on providing you with exciting safari destinations on the African continent.

our emphasis is to furnish the eclectic traveler with memorable experiences of unsurpassed natural beauty and wildlife: unforgettable moments of meeting the Big Five; enchanted sunsets over mystic landscapes; a million stars glittering in the night sky above as well as the hospitality of indigenous communities with their diverse cultures and traditions.


Company Profile

Leading tour companies in Uganda | Mwanzo Tours Uganda company profile


  • Name of the company: Mwanzo Tours Uganda Limited
  • Registration number: 80020002087169
  • Date of registration: 09 October 2019
  • Postal address: P.O. Box 1268, Kampala, Uganda
  • Physical address: Mobutu Road, Kampala
  • Mobile number:  +31 6 19196171/ +256 (0) 776051282
  • Email:
  • Main website:
  • Facebook: mwanzo tours Uganda
  • Twitter: @mwanzotours



  • Office: Kampala, Uganda
  • No of employees: 5
  • Fleet: 3 vehicles

Member of:

    • Uganda Tourism
    • Association of Uganda Tour Operators
    • Uganda Tourism Association


Mwanzo Tours Uganda Limited was founded in 2015 by a young professional entrepreneur, Anthony Kiweewa . He set up a professional company with the intention to improve the quality of tour operation in Uganda and the whole of East Africa. The company began with meagre resources, but over the years it has grown leaps and bounds to join the ranks of some of the leading tour operating companies in East Africa.


The vision of  Mwanzo Tours Uganda is to develop an indigenously owned tour company with international partnerships and networks that will operate in the entire East African region which includes Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, Kenya and Tanzania. Mwanzo Tours Uganda seeks to provide a first flexible service to its customers   and promote the image of East Africa as an unequalled tourism destination in the world. The long-term plans include the development of a hotel and lodges chain across East Africa.


To provide high quality safaris, tours and guiding services across Uganda and the entire East African region.  Mwanzo Tours Uganda designs tailor made safari packages that suit our guest’s needs and budget as well as pre-designed set departure group tours. This however does not limit our guest’s option as they can still design their personal packages with the help of our highly skilled safari consultants.


Care, professionalism, integrity and dedication are some of the core values that underpin the business approach of Mwanzo Tours Uganda. The company has established itself as a strong and reliable company that guarantees quality, consistency and competitive prices. Other core values of the company are excellent customer service, innovation, flexibility, accessibility and eco-tourism.


Mwanzo Tours Uganda team is made up of 10 capable and competent office staff and high qualified driver/guides and tour leaders, who all possess the requisite academic qualifications and years of valuable experience. Among us we speak a range of European and African languages, including English, Dutch, Swahili, Luganda, Kinyarwanda.


Aware of the critical role a guide plays in our guests’ holiday experience, we hire only the best. Of our highly experience full time guides, many used to be national parks rangers with Uganda Wildlife Authority and therefore have extensive local knowledge of the flora and fauna, history, culture, geography of the entire Pearl of Africa.


The company owns super custom cars and Toyota Land Cruisers. All vehicles are 4WD, well maintained and provide a pop-up roof for game viewing. For clients’ convenience, we try to limit the number of people in one vehicle to 5-6 persons. This means that every guest can enjoy having a window seat.