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After you have paid for the Gorilla permits, transport and accommodation, it is a vital thing to make sure you havegorilla trekking carried/ packed the right gorilla trekking gears and other important items for your Gorilla safari. Gorilla safari gears are the same in Bwindi and Mgahinga, Volcanoes and Virunga national parks in Uganda, Rwanda and DR Congo respectively. Below are the Must carry/pack items during a gorilla trekking safari.

Rain jackets

While planning for your gorilla safari, consider a rain jacket or poncho in your gorilla trekking packing list as it is very crucial as far as gorilla trekking gear is concerned. Bwindi impenetrable national park is a tropical rain forest meaning rain is received throughout the year. You will never tell when it’s going to rain so its necessary to carry your rain jacket at all times.

Energy giving snacks

Gorilla trekking can take 30 minutes to eight or more hours and that’s why a certain level of fitness is required. To add on that we advise that you carry some energy giving snacks as supplements. Before departing from your lodge, you need to carry your packed lunch and lots of drinking water as you never know when you will return. Energy giving foods can be bought anywhere as you will be helped by your trip driver guide before starting the trip.

Camera and extra batteries

gorilla trekkingPhotography is an important component of your safari and thus make sure that you have your camera ready, charge your batteries very well and if necessary, carry extra batteries as you will need to take as many photographs in one hour you have with mountain gorillas. Please make sure that you switch off your flash lights while taking gorilla photographs for it could make them more aggressive.

Hut and sun glasses

You are advised to move with your hut and sun glasses for it can get hot at any time, this will  protect you from the sun rays and direct sunlight.

Pair of Binoculars

Don’t forget that you are on a safari and you want to have clear views of everything. The park is a home to over 350 birds. Chimpanzees, black and white colobus monkeys among other primates, forest elephants and buffalos. During the search for the rare mountain gorillas, you will have an opportunity to sight on some of the above wildlife.

Porters for your gorilla trek

This is an extra option item and we advise our clients to take a porter for their gorilla trekking. As earlier noted, gorilla trekking can be strenuous and thus you will need someone to give you a push on the way to gorillas. These porters go for a fee but it is worth it.

Garden gloves

While preparing for a gorilla trip, endeavor to carry garden gloves to protect your hands from jungle related injuries. Because this is a forest and it can sometimes get slippery during the forest walks and you will need to hold on something just in case something happens. These gloves protect you from germs and other items that may scratch your hands. Those and among others need not to miss in your gorilla trekking list.

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